Will Lohan Hit the Bottle ... of Water?

7/17/2007 11:06 AM PDT

Will Lohan Hit the Bottle ... of Water?

A radio station from Lindsay Lohan's hometown is offering to throw her a rehab release bash in celebration of recovery efforts. Is there something wrong with this picture? Nope!

WBLI-FM 106.1 in Long Island is offering La Lohan a party where 4000 of her closest friends can get their party on -- with some water! Station rep Dana DiDonato says, "The party will have bottles popping, but not of champagne, only sparkling water bottles ... the party will be alcohol-free in respect to Lindsay's rehabilitation recovery efforts." Drink up, Linds!

"This could cost over $100,000 dollars," added DiDonato, ''and there are thousands from her hometown who would like to wish her well; shes a Long Island girl who needs our support ... during this milestone occasion in her life."

Don't they know Lindsay's a Red Bull girl?