Lohan Bust Equals Web Windfall

7/24/2007 11:54 AM PDT

Lohan Bust Equals Web Windfall

In a stunning prophecy equivalent to predicting that the sun will rise, one lucky web geek took time to buy the domain names lohanbusted.com and lohaninjail.com. It's showtime!

There's nothing on either site yet, but after the unprecedented attention given Paris Hilton's trip to the pokey, it's a safe bet that a Lindsay slammer saga would be huge. A redhead in an orange jumpsuit -- hot!

The sites (which are for sale, by the way) were both registered on May 8 -- Lindsay went into rehab three weeks later.

Quick, someone grab britneymeltsdown.com -- before it's too late!

UPDATE: Apparently there are dueling Lindsay trainwreck websites. The folks over at www.lilodui.com claim they "will be the one stop shop" for everything Lindsay. Stay tuned.