Those Boring Beckhams

7/27/2007 7:55 PM PDT

Those Boring Beckhams

Stop the presses -- Posh & Becks went shopping on Thursday! The A-list immigrant duo got their typical paparazzi greeting as they tried to make their retail getaway. *yawn*

Who says Young Hollywood isn't cultured? "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier, a slingless Brody Jenner and former Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath all spent a night at Opera -- the new club in Hwood!

Meanwhile, pre-pubescent 31-year-old Andy Milonakis exited Hyde while blabbering about getting "hookers on Craigslist." Weren't there enough inside da club?!

Over in the 90210, Suge Knight and director John Singleton hit up Mr.Chow and shared their thoughts on the latest Lohan debacle. Singleton reiterated the obvious by advising ladies of the night like Linds, Paris and Nicole to "get drivers!"

All this and more in this cab-free edition of Star Catcher.