Ant Saves a Life

8/2/2007 3:17 PM PDT

Ant Saves a Life

Ant the comedian is not always just about getting laughs ... and if you've seen his act, you know that's true! But the comedian recently received e-mails from a man who talked about his plans to take his own life. Ant to the rescue!

The e-mails revealed a man who has been dealing with weight, relationship, employment and sexual identity issues. The correspondence grabbed Ant's attention -- who responded by asking for a phone number -- no, not for a date! On Tuesday, while recording a "Talky Blog" with Ross the Intern, the pair called the distressed fan and gave him some emotional and genuine advice. "Reach out before you do anything crazy."

What they said struck a chord. The guy sent another e-mail to Ant after their conversation, promising to ask for help when he's feeling down and out, and saying that he now has hope. "I'm still at the bottom, but at least now I can see the light at the top."

All because a few celebs took the time to make a simple phone call. Not all stars are making news for clubbing, getting DUIs and forgetting their panties.