Garrison Could Dodge Bullet

8/2/2007 2:04 PM PDT

Garrison Could Dodge Bullet

After the dramatic testimony in Lane Garrison's sentencing, a dramatic twist just went down.

Garrison's lawyers, Richard Hutton and Harland Braun, have apparently asked the court for a "diagnostic." That means Garrison will be sent to a California prison for 90 days, where shrinks and others will determine if Garrison is a suitable candidate for probation.

Sources say behind closed doors, the D.A. vehemently opposed the judge's order, favoring four years hard time instead.

If the judge goes along with the defense request, the smart money is that the shrinks will say Garrison is a suitable candidate for probation and the judge will agree. That would mean Garrison would serve 90 days.

Garrison will probably spend the first 30 days in L.A. County Jail, waiting to be sent to prison for evaluation.