The Stars Are Out ... on the Town

8/3/2007 4:20 PM PDT

The Stars Are Out ... on the Town

Talk queen Ellen DeGeneres smiled for photogs as she entered Sunset Blvd. hotspot Il Sole -- with the oh-so-pretty Portia de Rossi.

Michelle Rodriguez tumbled out of Chateau Marmont and told photogs that she's not worthy of celebrity status. She says "it should take twenty years to be a celeb." Actually it only takes four beers, three shots of Jagermeister, and a DUI!

Mario Lopez was looking shiny outside of Area, while Kristy Swanson said she really rocks out to country ... Dave Navarro gets out of his carro ... and Tony Hawk said he's in town for the X-Games.

All this and more in today's talk, tumble and shine edition of Star Catcher!