Obama Makes a Chunk

8/10/2007 5:18 PM PDT

Obama Makes a Chunk

Club Opera hosted the likes of actor/singer/blinger Jamie Foxx as he skull capped off his night of partying by ducking into a waiting Escalade.

The Ba-rockin' Obama Fundraiser at Area attracted a smorgasboring group of celebs, like "Family Guy" voicer Seth Green, who tried his baby faced best to look like an adult while getting "awwwwww-ed" like a toddler's first time on the potty. Nick Cannon also showed up, and when asked why Obama should be our next president, he let loose with an uncomfortable sigh -- not quite the linguist his music makes him out to be! Tele-Scrub Zach Braff made his usual quiet exit, but managed to look our camera square on -- can you feel his powers?

It's not a night on the town without the Hilton sisters making a flashy entrance; this time at Opera. Paris gave the barrel chested bouncer some love. Perhaps she has a thing for guards now?!

Il Sole's doors exgorgitated a loose-skinned Steven Tyler with his new arm accessory -- who looked related to Ice-T's glammy, mega-mammaried wife Coco. John O'Hurley was stumped by the brain teaser, "How's your show going?" John had no answer.

All this and more in today's jam packed, fun raising edition of Star Catcher.