Dick Van Dyke's Baby Advice

8/24/2007 6:28 PM PDT

Dick Van Dyke's Baby Advice

TV legend Dick Van Dyke was spotted heading into Cafe Marmalade in Malibu, and a TMZ camera asked him what Nicole Richie should name her baby: "They'll think of something inappropriate," said -- Dick Van Dyke.

The Great Western Forum hosted a mothball smellin' laundry list of stars, coincidentally including "The Dick Van Dyke Show" vet Rose Marie, who turned 84 this month. Catwoman Julie Newmar showed us that there are some things not worth seeing, like her midriff! Also seen, "Ghost Whisperer's" Camryn Manheim, family man Ray Liotta, hot at 66 Donna Mills, Shooter McGavin (aka Christopher McDonald), Gabe "Kotter" Kaplan, and autograph friendly Doris Roberts, "A.I." hag Paula Abdul and critic Leonard Maltin.

In New York, former Prez Bill Clinton was surrounded outside of Mars 2112 restaurant, when an adoring fan yelled out, "You my homeboy!" Fo reals!

All this and more in today's plastic hip edition of Star Catcher!