Joan Rivers: Little Old Riding Hood

10/8/2007 3:45 PM PDT

Joan Rivers: Little Old Riding Hood

Is 74-year-old Joan looking for the big bad wolf?! The style critic was at LAX over the weekend and she looked like she was drowning in her bright red coat. Someone needs to throw her a life preserver! Or a clue!

Blessed with the booty, beauty Kim Kardashian joins her two sisters, while they stir things up as they chat with cameras outside of Koi.

In New York, pretty Penelope Cruz puffs on a cig, while Jennifer Hudson sparkles in a purple gown. "Sex and the City" co-star SJP shows off her new winter accessory -- in eighty degree heat. All that filming is making Sarah loopy!

All this and more in today's "Winter Wear" edition of Star Catcher!