No Overnights for Brit Just Yet

10/11/2007 3:42 PM PDT

No Overnights for Brit Just Yet

Britney Spears will not get sleepovers with her kids, at least for now.

L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon did not rule on Spears' request to give her overnight visitation with her boys. Currently, she has monitored daytime visitation. She'd like the monitor to be her mom, Lynne, but the Commish made no ruling on that either. We're told, however, that the commissioner is inclined not to grant Brit's request.

As to why Brit was a no-show in court today -- her lawyer said it's because TMZ broke the story last night. She was planning to attend the hearing, and she didn't want the hassle of wading through media at the courthouse.

Oops... (You know the rest.)