The Mayer Debate: Ron Paul or RuPaul?

10/16/2007 1:42 PM PDT

The Mayer Debate: Ron Paul or RuPaul?

John Mayer spent the night before his 30th birthday having dinner with a few friends and arguing about the Constitution, presidential hopeful Ron Paul and drag queen RuPaul. Just your typical birthday conversation.

The pop star -- without his new woman, Minka Kelly -- celebrated with friends Sherrod Small (his "Chocolate Rain" co-star), comedian Jeffrey Ross, and "Live Free or Die Hard" star/Drew Barrymore's rumored new beau, Justin Long.

In typical Mayer fashion, he launched into a fake tirade about the merits of Ron Paul and how he avidly reads the Constitution. Somehow, Condoleezza Rice comes into the chat, and a homeless man calls him "John Paul."

You never know what's going to go down when John Mayer is around.