Hottest Videos -- Week of 10/14

10/20/2007 4:00 AM PDT

Hottest Videos -- Week of 10/14

Iggy-gate broke out this week, and Ellen DeGeneres gave a teary, passionate plea to get the dog back to the home of her hairstylist.
Britney Spears finally decided to book herself in her hit and run case from August -- and dressed for the occasion by flashing her best panties!

Jaime Pressly didn't make any new friends this week after snubbing one angry -- and vocal -- autograph hound.

Drew Carey's first day on the "The Price is Right" wasn't that interesting -- until this crazy woman flipped out on stage!

Bai Ling: TMZ reporter? The wacktress tries her hand at interviewing Jaime Pressly. Can you say awkward?!