Brit Gets Scared "Out There," Says Pal

11/1/2007 8:25 AM PDT

Brit Gets Scared "Out There," Says Pal

Britney Spears is under plenty of stress -- but her mood is good, says constant companion/adviser/pal Sam Lufti.

Sam tells OK! that despite the constant drug tests, the "scary" paparazzi, and the general turmoil, Brit's mental state is "excellent." Lufti, who says he's a family friend, also sets the record straight on Mama Lynne (all good), drug tests (all passed), and the new video (all secret.)

Meanwhile, was totally distraught after Kevin Federline left her, getting "crazy and depressed," according to her assistant at the time of the breakup.

Katie Machado, Spears' former personal assistant, tells Us that Brit was so unhinged after her split from K-Fed that she'd look at her sons and ask, "Where's your daddy? I need help. Where's your daddy?" Indeed, Spears even hung her wedding dress up in her bedroom, and would ask, "Why did he do this to me?"

Owen Opens Door on Peeing

Owen Wilson wants people to know that he's completely clean, and he's taken to going to the bathroom with the door open to prove it.

Page Six says that at a recent event at a museum in L.A., the actor "went to the bathroom and peed with the door open." While some might quibble with his manners, his rep says of his fully-revealed micturition, "Can you blame him? He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't." Wilson's been out and about in New York all week, including at the Waverly Inn Tuesday night.

Party Favors: Jacob the Jeweler Cops a Plea ... Joel Madden: Baby's "Most Exciting Thing" Ever

Jeweler to the stars, Jacob "The Jeweler" Arabo, pleaded guilty in federal court in Detroit, and will serve between 37 and 46 months behind bars for lying to the feds and falsifying records. ... Joel Madden tells People that having a baby with Nicole Richie is "the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me, and to us," and that all the random media flotsam and jetsam is "completely false" and "unsubstantiated."