Britney's X-Rated Boom-Boom Room

11/28/2007 9:35 AM PST

Britney's X-Rated Boom-Boom Room

We all knew Britney Spears was into self-destruction -- and now, it seems, she likes a little kinky self-flagellation as well.

At least that's what Star magazine (via Rush and Molloy) is claiming. The tab reports that Britney's new mansion has a "Fantasy Room" loaded with "ticklers, whips and fur-trimmed handcuffs," as well as a glass jar full of spanking paddles and a mirrored ceiling. There's also a rack of costumes -- schoolgirl, maid, and Cinderella among them. Breakfast, stay down.

Star also reports that Brit's house has baby and dog poo painted on the white couches, and apparently some of the sex gear gets left out in the living room, in full view of the little guys.

Joe Simpson Pimps Jessica Out to Cowboy?

Manager, wardrobe consultant, pimp? Jessica Simpson's dad is now delivering the male goods for his little girl, if a Page Six report is to believed.

The papa-presario hooked up Jess with her latest guy, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, who has been pining for Jess for ages. Joe is a big Cowboys fan, so when Tony asked to take Jessica out for a drink, the patriarch was more than happy to oblige. In fact, it went so well between Jess and Tony that Romo came over to the Simpsons for Thanksgiving, for turkey and perhaps, stuffing.

"Jessica is so happy," says a source. "She's been texting everyone about how great he is."

Party Favors: Usher and Tameka Have the Kid ... Beckham Bender Doesn't Count

R&B star Usher and wife Tameka Foster welcomed a baby boy on Monday night, they said in a statement. Usher Raymond V was born in Atlanta and weighed in at 7 lbs., 9 ozs. ... David Beckham did, in fact, score a trademark curling free kick during a match with the L.A. Galaxy. Only problem was, it was in a game that didn't count, against Sydney FC.