Prez Candidates Attract Phony Bar Patrons

1/4/2008 8:01 AM PST

Prez Candidates Attract Phony Bar Patrons

John McCain was certainly Mr. Popular when he showed up last month at The Barley House in Concord, New Hampshire. The crowd went nuts -- it seemed everybody knew John's name.

Not so fast. We found out the people inside weren't exactly like Cliff from the post office or Norm, your basic drunk. We're told the patrons weren't surprised at all when McCain arrived, because they were shipped in -- a bunch of McCain supporters who took a cue from the candidate's website to be pretend boozers.

But we're not raggin' on John specifically. We're told lots of other candidates also pull the same stunt. Mike Huckabee will be there on Monday. How do we know? It's plastered all over Huckie's website. We're told the bar will somehow create a Huckaburger during the event -- it's a patty with spinach, tomatoes and an Arkansas fave -- fried pickles. That's how the Huckster maintains his girlish figure.

BTW, Huckabee's bringing Chuck Norris along for the ride. Huck and Chuck. That's what you do when you drink too much!