Superbad Kid Superstar?

1/9/2008 4:30 AM PST

Superbad Kid -- Superstar?

No, it wasn't McLovin' flashing his fake outside Hyde -- but TMZ cameras did catch "Superbad" star Jonah Hill signing a load of autographs on the sidewalk and forking over some cash to a homeless guy out front.

Also in LA: A still alive David Spade, Joker-faced Meg Ryan and a snappilyy dressed JC Chasez. Across the land, in New York: a Delta Burke looking Kat Von D, seizure-wary Patricia Arquette, Anne Hathaway and her Zach Braff-alike boyfriend Raffaello, and Bob Saget -- who wished our photog a "Happy Passover" about 4 months too early.