Hottest Videos -- Week of 1/6

1/12/2008 5:00 AM PST

Hottest Videos -- Week of 1/6

Brit had another breakdown this week -- but this time it was due, in part, to her car ... but it didn't end with her strapped to a gurney.
Lindsay Lohan returned to L.A. looking mighty jet-lagged. Kissing three hot guys in 24 hours will do that to you!

Jamie and Lynne Spears slammed -- and we mean slammed -- Dr. Phil on "Today," calling the way he handled his contact with Britney a betrayal, inappropriate and a total breach of their trust.

We were as confused as anyone when Hulk Hogan gave us his assessment of the Britney Spears situation. It involved -- well, just take a look.

The animated "New York" celebrated turning 26 (huh?? In dog years perhaps!) outside NY hotspot Tenjune -- but nowhere in the crowd was her fiance, Tailor Made!