Brit and Pap Pal -- OK with His Wife?

1/14/2008 9:28 AM PST

Brit and Pap Pal -- OK with His Wife?

Nothing about the Britapalooza manages to shock -- not even the revelation that everything is kosher between Brit's paparazzi enabler friend and his wife.

"He was with her up until a week before he and Britney started this thing," a source tells MSNBC. "And, she thinks that they'll work things out in the end." This doesn't jibe with the whispers about Ghalib, that he and wifey have been separated for a year.

Adds the source, "It makes you think that [Ghalib's wife] must think they'll get something out of it in the end."

Eva to Jess – Tony Trouble Not Your Fault

Like Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria knows something about guys named Tony who wear #9 for a team from Texas.

And she also, apparently, knows something about dealing with being called a hex on her man. Eva tells People that when she first started seeing San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, fans would blame her if Tony had a bad game.

Her advice for Simpson? "You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you."

Party Favors: Nick & Ness Doing What They Do Best ... Jenna Jameson Retiring Forever ... Paris Hilton Going to Harvard

A TMZ spy says that professional leisure-seekers Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were spotted dining at Las Vegas' SW Steakhouse recently, in a private room for a friend's engagement party. ... Jenna Jameson admitted that she's had "a bit of rocky year" during the Adult Video News Awards on Saturday, but stunned everyone by saying that she's done with porn for good. ... Paris Hilton will receive Harvard Lampoon's "Woman of the Year" on Feb. 6. Former honorees have included Scarlett Johansson and Julia Roberts.