No, No, NO! Wino's Guy ODs in Clink?

2/17/2008 2:02 AM PST

No, No, NO! Wino's Guy ODs in Clink?

Amy Winehouse's performance last week at the Grammys was significant because it was her first set that anyone could actually understand in recent memory. The troubled singer is trying to get her weavehive and life back in order, and seems to be on the road to recovery.

Hopefully, her equally troubled husband, who is incarcerated on assault charges, won't be a bad influence. Showbizspy reports that Blake was found passed out in his cellblock and rushed to the prison hospital, after what appears to be a heroin drug overdose. Prison insiders say Blake is lucky to be alive, but aren't saying how he or five other inmates managed to get their hands on heroin.

Flavor Flav Can't Stop Lovin'

Flavor Flav can't keep it in his pants. After the 2nd season of "Flavor of Love" wrapped, he never called his new lady friend -- and went off and got another woman pregnant. Sources say Flav fell in love with his new baby mama and is reportedly engaged (NY Post).

VH1 denies that Flav is about to tie the knot as he starts taping Season 3 of his money-making reality show, but admits that he did father child #8. According to a rep, Flav wants 10 kids, so he has almost reached his goal. It's nice to see that Flav always follows through.

The Beckhams Score Again

The Poshinator and her Soccer Dud husband have renewed their wedding vows (via Daily Mirror). David planned the entire nuptials without Victoria's knowledge and surprised Posh with a second proposal. Posh was apparently totally surprised and overjoyed -- and even managed to get dressed for another trip down the aisle before the end of the day.

The couple married in front of a small group of friends and later had the phrase "De Integro", which is Latin for "again from the start" etched above their matching wedding date tattoos on their wrists.

Party Favors: Emma Watson is NOT Flying on Anyone's Broom ... Maksim Dances Off the Stage

Emma Watson sets the rumors straight on her blog, saying she is not dating Razorlight frontman, Johnny Borrell. Another teen Wizard uprising has been avoided. ... Popular dance partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy won't appear on Season 6 of "Dancing with the Stars" (via People). The fan favorite is tired and needs to rest his body.