Hef Wants the Olsen Twins

3/1/2008 10:01 AM PST

Hef Wants the Olsen Twins

The Playboy mogul says he wants Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to bare it all for a magazine photo shoot (via Showbizspy). Hugh made his original pitch to the famous twins when they were barely legal, but was rejected. Now that the ladies are older, Hef and men across the world are hoping they will reconsider.

The magazine isn't scouting locations any time soon since all Mary-Kate and Ashley are interested in these days is fashion and dressing up, not taking anything off.

Harry's Girl Gets Verklempt

After a U.S. website revealed that her Royal beau was not showering and getting dirty on the frontlines in Afghanistan, Chelsy Davy became quite nervous about young Harry's safety. The third-in-line heir presumptive for the British throne was flexing his military muscle in Afghanistan since before Christmas, but the U.S. media blew his cover.

The British Ministry of Defense became concerned about the Princes' safety and transported him out of harms way faster than Harry Potter can fly his broom. Harry called his long time galpal and told her he was safe and she broke down and cried according to Us. Sources say Chelsy was in a state of ecstasy when she heard her Prince's voice. If Harry can cause that affect over the phone, no telling what the homecoming will be like today.

Party Favors: Maddox Hearts His Pee-Pee ... J.Lo Picks Baby Names ... Chris Hates Spending Money

Angelina and son Maddox spent some quality time together at the movies recently. After the flick, the 6-year-old pap favorite picked up a pack of gum labeled "I [Heart] My Penis" from a gift shop (via Us). ...The worst-kept secret in Hollywood, other than J.Lo getting knocked up, are the names of the closely guarded newborn duo. Jennifer and her baby daddy revealed to People that Max and Emme are the newest additions to their family. ...Everybody Hates Chris, and apparently Chris hates shopping. Tyler James Williams, the rising little shot, tells CYInterview that he doesn't waste his money on things he doesn't need, but insists he isn't cheap.