Steve-O Popped for Allegedly Being a Jackass

3/3/2008 10:27 AM PST

Steve-O Popped for Allegedly Being a Jackass

"Jackass" star Steve-O is sitting in a Hollywood jail right now, after one of his neighbors nabbed him for bashing up his apartment complex.

TMZ has learned that Steve-O was, according to a source, breaking holes in the walls of his L.A. apartment building when one of his neighbors dropped a dime on him, and even made a citizen's arrest, holding Steve-O until the LAPD arrived, and took him away.

We're told he's at the LAPD's Hollywood station waiting to be booked on vandalism charges.

TMZ has just learned that while cops were searching Steve-O at the station, they discovered an unidentified narcotics, and are charging him with drug possession as well. We'll update as soon as we find out the exact charge.

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