Rock Tells P.I. Pellicano -- B***h Set Me Up!

3/14/2008 12:38 PM PDT

Rock Tells P.I. Pellicano -- B***h Set Me Up!

A shocking new tape of Chris Rock revealing the lurid details of a one-night stand in 1998 rocked the courtroom in the criminal trial of celeb P.I. Anthony Pellicano.

The tape captures a phone conversation between Pellicano and Rock, after Rock and model Monika Zsibrita had first claimed to be pregnant with his child (which turned out to be false) and then accused him of raping her. No charges were ever filed.

Rock tells Pellicano he was scared s**tless of being accused of rape, and that he would rather be "caught with needles in my arm" than face a rape charge.

Rock's alleged affair with Zsibrita made the rounds in the press and tabloids, right around the time Rock and his wife Malaak temporarily split. The two reconciled soon after.

A rep for Rock had no comment on the tape.