Hottest Videos -- Week of 3/9

3/15/2008 4:00 AM PDT

Hottest Videos -- Week of 3/9

So Britney walks into a bar ... no, literally.
After Brandon Davis finally found his ride outside of Villa, a very boobalicious club-goer unleashed a rant on him to rival the classic "Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch!" diatribe. How original.

Heidi Montag and Mayor McCheese were together at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas last night stinking up the dance floor.

Adnan went to Britney Spears' gated community (supposedly to see someone else) but the only person he got to see was Britney ... on his iPhone.

Michelle Rodriguez got back on her high (and unintelligible) horse, complaining to us that "real" people don't live in L.A. and the paps make her religious.