Michelle's Dad to Heath's Dad: Spill It!

3/25/2008 3:00 AM PDT

Michelle's Dad to Heath's Dad: Spill It!

Michelle Williams' dad has leveled an extraordinary challenge at Kim Ledger, Heath's dad, demanding that he account for all of the late actor's assets.

Larry Williams, a famed futures trader, tells Australia's Sunday Telegraph that he thinks Kim and family "certainly haven't stated all of the assets" belonging to Heath when he died in January. Larry is "perplexed" that docs filed in a New York court said that Heath had only $145,000 in assets when he died.

"It's real simple," said Larry. "Just come clean with everything. He just has to say where the income went and where the assets were."

Remy "Defense" – The Gun Just Went Off!

The defense in the Remy Ma case acknowledged that Remy had shot her friend, but said in its closing that the gun went off during a struggle over a bag.

Remy had maintained that her victim, Makeda Barnes Joseph, had reached into her bag and that she thought she had stolen $3,000 from her. When Joseph refused to dump her own bag, Remy and her friend, said the defense, tussled over the purse and the gun then went off, and Joseph was shot in the abdomen.

Remy, said the prosecution, didn't call 911 or a hospital, and pointed out that the gun was an illegal .45 automatic loaded with hollow-point bullets.

Party Favors: "Dancing" Diva Sara Evans Moves on with QB ... Who Knew Baron Davis Was Such a Celeb -– and Cognac –- Magnet? ... Where in the World is John Hughes?

Sara Evans, the country songstress whose nasty divorce included allegations of infidelity and porn addiction, has found new love with former Alabama QB Jay Barker. People reports the pair is engaged. ... NBA star Baron Davis was feted by a big crowd of stars the other night at a surprise birthday party – including a smiling Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Vanessa Minnillo, and fellow celebujock Reggie Bush, and the entire soiree enjoying (and hosted by) Hennessy cognac. ... The L.A. Times goes in search of moviedom's reclusive equivalent of J.D. Salinger – "Breakfast Club" writer-director John Hughes, and it's an essential read for anyone who's ever pegged their jeans or pined for Ally Sheedy.