Bertinelli -- Forget Jenny, Pass the Popovers!

4/3/2008 2:00 PM PDT

Bertinelli -- Forget Jenny, Pass the Popovers!

A very hot-looking Valerie Bertinelli was busted coming out of BLT Steak in West H-Wood last night -- and let's put it this way, she wasn't eatin' four ounces of fish.

So we had our spies in the restaurant and here's the low down. Val went to the back room with a bunch of guys in suits for what looked like a business dinner. We couldn't see exactly what she was chokin' down, but on her way out she confessed to having a mouthful of meat. BTdubs, other items on the menu: popovers, potato au gratin, bernaise and blue cheese sauce and the delectable peanut butter chocolate mousse.

In fairness, Val's on the Jenny Craig maintenance plan, which means she can occasionally chew the fat.

And speaking of maintenance, we asked Val what she thought of Priscilla Presley getting injected with motor oil. Response: Priceless. "This isn't a talk show, it's not Oprah." The irony is, it looked like Valerie was having a meeting with producers from her rumored upcoming talk show -- i.e., she wants to be Oprah!