More Mouth-to-Mouth, Please!

4/4/2008 12:00 PM PDT

More Mouth-to-Mouth, Please!

Male dancers, EMTs -- what's the difference, really?

James Wilcox -- the Chipper pictured here who moonlights as a TV reporter -- tells TMZ that he happened to be at Vegas' Rio casino when a woman who had just seen the Chippendales show had "multiple seizures." Good thing he was there! Wilcox, who taught for two years at Johns Hopkins medical school, helped keep her passageways open (stop your snickering) and her condition stable until EMTs arrived.

"That's what we do when someone is in trouble," he says, and gave plenty of cred to his buddies.

Check out the pecs, er pics, of Wilcox's other Chips off the chiseled block.