Mills Tried to Get Leg Over with Trump?

4/15/2008 8:00 AM PDT

Mills Tried to Get Leg Over with Trump?

As her fame-clock hits 15:01, Heather Mills is getting increasingly desperate for attention – including flirting with His Comboverness to get her way.

Mills almost backed out of the one gig that would actually have her, the Miss USA pageant, because she wouldn't sign a contract agreeing to let them show the broadcast again, says the New York Post. "She wants to get paid if they resell the footage," says a source. "Her ego is enormous, and it's getting bigger by the minute."

And to get her way, she flirted with Donald Trump, and was "really working it ... She was unprofessional." That just ruined our breakfast.

D-bag Dourdan Smacks His Own Career Up

Gary Dourdan brilliantly just bailed on the only thing that was propping up his slender career.

As's Michael Ausiello first reported, Dourdan has told "CSI" producers that he's bangin' a big U-turn out of the show after his contract ends next month. And they've already got his replacement lined up, a character described as "handsome, smart, and athletic," and, we're inclined to add, not a pap-baiting buffoon.

Heston Heisted by Embezzler?

A woman who supposedly managed accounts at an L.A. business-management firm was popped yesterday for sneaking over $700k from celeb clients -– including the late Charlton Heston.

TMZ has learned that Sharon Walker was charged with grand theft yesterday – she allegedly stole more than $50K from Heston and wife Lydia while employed as an account manager. She forged signatures to pay her own credit card debt, say prosecutors.

Walker's being held on $700,000 bail and faces a max of 11 years in state prison.