Miley Let Out of the Mouse Cage

5/4/2008 8:30 AM PDT

Miley Let Out of the Mouse Cage

Disney may want to keep Miley locked up after photogate, but loosened the chains this weekends in Orlando.

Mickey let the grounded teen loose in his Magic Kingdom to perform at the Disney Channel Games concert, which will air in July. Miley is keeping a low profile and apologized again for revealing too much skin with a come-hither look in Vanity Fair magazine according to People. The teeny-bopper thanked all her fans who stood out in the pouring rain last night for their support and praying for her during this difficult time.

Diddy Ready for the Casting Couch

It hasn't taken Diddy long to go all Hollywood. The king of all things has his mind set on an acting career and says he will start from the bottom and work his way up. The Hip Hop mogul and entrepreneur got his star on the Hollywood walk of fame this week and now thinks he can become the next Bruce Willis (via People).

No word on when Diddy will hit the casting couch, but he is ready to work hard and is willing to adjust to the laid back LA lifestyle of leaving work at 6p and closing the clubs at 2a. Always a gentleman, Mr. Combs says he will respect the strict schedule that is followed in tinsel town and focus on improving his acting technique.

Hillary and Bill Go Coco-Nuts

Who said Hillary is a nutcracker? She may be running for leader of the free world, and have an impressive list of career accomplishments, but there are some things Senator Clinton just can't do.

The mom that could be president told about her battle with a difficult coconut. Apparently Chelsea wanted to try a coconut when she was 4-years-old, and Hill tried to grant her daughter's wish. The Senator managed to find a coconut in Arkansas, but couldn't crack it when she finally got it home. Even hubby Bill, a Rhodes Scholar, was at a loss. With 50 years of education between her and the former prez, Hillary confessed neither one of them could figure out how to break open that nut.

Party Favors: Tom Gives David a Big Birthday Package

Tom Cruise is a good friend to have. He threw a surprise wine tasting birthday party for his brofriend David Beckham and a few of their closest friends according to the Sunday Mirror. Tom and his growing posse jet-setted to Napa Valley where they had a tour of a friend's vineyard and dinner prepared by a private chef. The L.A. Galaxy may not be winning, but at least the Beckhams are in the friend category.