Spears' Baby Shower Hush Puppies and Healing

5/5/2008 12:45 PM PDT

Spears' Baby Shower: Hush Puppies and Healing

Jamie Lynn Spears' baby shower -- which included Britney, Mama Lynne and about 30 other family members and friends -- was also a time for healing. Break out your trust quilts!

A source close to the fam tells us the day's festivities included an apology from Britney for putting her family through all kinds of drama the last few years. And the guests were warned ahead of time not to bring up any of Britney's antics -- in other words, no head-shaving jokes!

The shower was complete with Southern style food, including a family fav, mac and cheese. Jamie Lynn also opened presents -- the best being a camouflaged hunting gear onesie. Daddy's little redneck? Yep, all is back to normal at the old Spears shack.