R. Kelly Trying Not to Come -- Yet Again

5/7/2008 6:20 PM PDT

R. Kelly Trying Not to Come -- Yet Again

The R. Kelly kiddie porn trial has been delayed for more than five years -- so what's another five years between litigants?

TMZ has confirmed that R. Pissy's lawyers filed a motion today to delay the trial for what seems like the 18 millionth time. The motion will be considered on the first scheduled day of trial.

The trial was finally slated to begin on Friday with jury selection. Just last weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that a witness was going to come forward to testify that she had had a threesome with R. and the alleged underage victim, and we're told that this new info is what's prompting the motion to continue.

A source tells TMZ that the judge in the case -- Vincent Gaughan -- has been trying to avoid leaks precisely so that Kelly won't have any excuse to delay the proceedings any longer. We're told that he's running this one "tighter than any case in recent memory."