Stage-Dad Archuleta: "People Don't Like That"

5/12/2008 6:13 AM PDT

Stage-Dad Archuleta: "People Don't Like That"

TMZ told you first about the ban on David Archuleta's dad backstage at "Idol," and now Team David is trying to circle the wagons, but unlike David's voice, it rings a little hollow.

People talked to David's voice coach and a guy from Utah who's been working with the "AI" wunderkind on "arrangements" – for the last three years. Stop right there: the kid is 16! How many people does he need? The voice coach says that the ban is "more of a fairness issue than anything else."

And this supposed defense, from the arranger, sounds more ominous than anything: "[Jeff's] involved. He's intense. ... Sometimes people don't like that." Really?

Heather Won't Give Girl Promised Legs Up

Heather Mills promised a Russian mom who lost her legs and had to pull herself around on a skateboard $20K for a new pair of prosthetics – but then promptly ignored the woman's pleas to keep her promise.

The Sun says that Mills had promised Maria Rybkina the money to get her new fake legs four years ago, but never "did anything at all" for Rybkina, who lost her legs at age 5. Mills even did a photo-op with the woman, who eventually got prosthetics from another source.

Reminder: Mills told a judge that she needed more than a mil per year for "charitable work."

Kate and Owen: The Ring's Just a Ringer

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are not – repeat not – engaged, despite a flurry of rumors and reports to the contrary.

The buzz began when Hudson was spotted wearing a diamond ring in Boston, whereupon the British tabs went crazy with reports that the couple – who have been spied together a lot recently – were gettin' hitched. Not so, says Hudson's rep to Us, which points out that Hudson is shooting a movie called "Bride Wars," hence the ring.

The pair has been "at a good place with each other," according to a pal.

Party Favors: Jigga – No Hard Knocks for Vegas 40/40 ... McCartney Gets Officially Severed from Mills ... Liv Tyler Doing "Great" After Split

Jay-Z tells Vegas Confidential that his 40/40 Club in Las Vegas is just fine, thanks, even though reports have suggested otherwise. "We have conquered all the operational goals and are pleased with the results," says Hova. ... A London judge has given "a preliminary decree of divorce" for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. The divorce could be final in six weeks. ... Liv Tyler's dad – that's Steven Tyler of Aerosmith – tells Us she's doing "great," after her split from Royston Langdon. TMZ spotted her with son Milo out and about on Friday – and looking well.