Hey "E.T." -- They Ain't Birthin' No Babies

6/2/2008 1:39 PM PDT

Hey "E.T." -- They Ain't Birthin' No Babies

After touting their HUGE EXCLUSIVE on the birth of Brangelina's spawn, it seems as if "E.T." is backtracking, probably because the story's totally wrong!

Multiple sources tell TMZ that "E.T." screwed up, and the story about the twins' birth is untrue -- those babies are still cruising in the womb!

After posting an item on their site on Friday confirming the blessed event, PEOPLE mag posted that the story was false. Now there's no mention on "E.T.'s" site at all about the babies, and our sources tell us they're trying to figure out what happened.

Multiple calls to "E.T." for comment have not been returned.