"Idol" Loser: Brotha, Can You Spare $10k?

7/4/2008 10:36 AM PDT

"Idol" Loser: Brotha, Can You Spare $10k?

And you thought Taylor Hicks' career was in the crapper!

Shaun Barrowes, a top 48 contestant on this season's "American Idol," is begging for a loan online. He's asking for $10,000 "to market a product I've already spent $70,000 on." Where do we sign?

Barrowes feels he's a good candidate for a loan and says,
"The only reason why I need this money is because I was on American Idol for FIVE months without any income at all, and that set me back a little."

Barrowes is mum on the product. We're guessin' it has something to do with karaoke.