Eminem: What a Pisser

7/15/2008 2:19 PM PDT

Eminem: What a Pisser

Eminem beat the piss out of a strip joint patron -- literally -- at least according to a new lawsuit.

Miad Jarbou (common spelling) claims he was minding his own business at a Michigan strip club when he realized he had to pee. Jarbou went to the men's room, unzipped at the urinal when, suddenly, Slim Shady entered and began to whiz at a neighboring urinal. Slim's bodyguard was standing by when one of Jarbou's friends walked in, recognized Em and allegedly said, "Hey Eminem, what's up man?"

According to the suit, the bodyguard responded, "Shut the f**k up man! Don't say another word." Jarbou claims he said, "Hey man, my friend ain't starting trouble, it's just cool to see Eminem."

The suit claims Eminem "stepped back from the urinal and without warning or provocation, as Jarbou continued to urinate, drove his fist in a violent punching manner into the side of Jarbou's face, knocking him to the ground."

The incident allegedly occurred two years ago. Jarbou is suing for unspecified damages.