Paris Lost, Found in Hypocrite County

7/23/2008 4:18 PM PDT

Paris Lost, Found in Hypocrite County

Paris Hilton scoffed at L.A. suburb Glendale on her blog a few weeks back, claiming she's strictly a Bev Hills gal and hasn't been to the G spot in months.

But get this: Law enforcement tells us yesterday at 3:20 PM, Paris was pulled over by the CHP on the 134 freeway in GLENDALE ... near the offramp where wrong-way Nicole Richie was busted for DUI in 2006.

Paris was pulled over for weaving (a non hair-related offense) and offered officers this explanation: "I'm lost." Always a good defense in court.

She was given a warning and went off on her merry way. No word if she ever found out how to get home.