A-Rod Hitting Both Sides of Plate

8/19/2008 7:30 AM PDT

A-Rod Hitting Both Sides of Plate

Alex Rodriguez sure hasn't wasted any time getting in some batting practice with some female friends in Miami and NYC.

And one of his new ballgirls, reports the New York Post, looks a lot like a young version of his estranged wife, Cynthia. They were spotted getting "cozy" -- if not exactly rounding the bases – at a South Beach eatery, but A-Rod referred to the woman as "an old friend."

Meanwhile, in New York, A-Rod played the field with a "tall Asian beauty" at Soho House and seemed in "great spirits." And yes, each sentence you just read contained some reference to baseball. You're welcome.

Speidi Wants to Infest Your TV for Years

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want everyone to know they're not going anywhere, LC or no LC.

The couple told Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM yesterday that LC might be "tired" of doing "The Hills" after four seasons, but they're more than ready to do it until season 10. Feel free to take a bathroom break, folks. Back? So: Heidi also has a new single out called "Overdosin'." She said it, not us.

And how about this gem, from Montag: "We're not even remotely sick of [the show]."

Spitzer Girl's Mom is "Far Hotter" than Ash

Looks like Eliot Spitzer hired the wrong Dupre.

Ashley and Mama were at a Jersey restaurant, report Rush & Molloy, and Mama was "far hotter" than the younger Dupre. Of course, one observer noted, hilariously, that she "looked like tacky threw up all over her." And this didn't stop one potential Don John from approaching the Dupre duo and asking, "I've got $300 – you got 15 minutes?"

Which ended with him getting a drink poured on his head –- not a figure of speech.