JoJo Collapses, Nobody Cares

8/25/2008 1:26 PM PDT

JoJo Collapses, Nobody Cares

After suddenly collapsing on stage and clutching his head in agony, Jojo -- from R&B duo K-Ci and JoJo -- laid frighteningly motionless during a live concert in Australia this weekend -- unfortunately, his brother was more concerned with hitting his high note.

JoJo spent nearly a full minute on the floor by himself, while in the same time, a crew member picked up the fallen microphone, and his brother continued singing -- but neither one paid any attention to the passed out singer. In the video, you can hear people in the crowd asking, "Is he alright" and begging K-Ci to "pick him up, man!"

But here's the rub -- instead of getting him backstage for help ASAP, K-Ci picks up JoJo and drags his stumbling brother to the front of a stage for an ovation. A crew member then quickly grabbed the dazed singer by the arm and hauled him off the stage.

K-Ci told the crowd Jojo was just dizzy from the flight. We're dizzy from the spin.