Fake Jacko Stole the Clothes on His Backo

8/26/2008 12:50 PM PDT

Fake Jacko Stole the Clothes on His Backo

If you thought Michael Jackson was broke, imagine how his impersonator feels!?

TMZ has learned that an MJ clone is being hunted on the streets of L.A. for allegedly rocking a wardrobe of gaudy STOLEN Jacko-wear in broad daylight.

The whole story is even more bizarre than most stories involving the real Jacko, but here's the breakdown: According to Ali Anmar, the guy who designed the MJ clothes, Fake Michael was a former homeless guy he discovered and transformed into a professional Las Vegas impersonator. But Facko Jacko (aka Scorpian the homeless guy ) skipped town one day, and failed to return his wardrobe of marked Jacko uniforms -- notice the giant, unmissable plug on the back of his jacket.

Now, after a pic of Scorpian wearing one of Anwar's jackets turned up on TMZ.com yesterday, Anwar is on a mission to make the not-so-smooth criminal pay for jacking his stuff. And with the giant logos on his back, he shouldn't be too hard to find.