Duchovny -- No Flinging, Just Clicking

9/1/2008 8:20 AM PDT

Duchovny -- No Flinging, Just Clicking

The operative letter in David Duchovny's sex addiction wasn't X, but W.

As in www, or the Internet: FOX News reports DD didn't check into rehab because of any hanky-panky, just some over-zealous one-hand typing action. A "friend" of David's says he was addicted to porn –- which is amusing given Fox Mulder's recurring porn obsession on "The X-Files."

Duchovny is in a treatment program now for his addiction.

Joe Biden Throws the P-Word on Palin

Joe Biden thinks the main thing Sarah Palin has on him as a VP candidate is that she's prettier than he is.

"Well, there's obvious differences [between Biden and Palin]," said Biden yesterday. "She's good looking." Of course, he didn't reference anything beyond that –- and we know he likes to throw the compliments around, calling his wife Jill "drop-dead gorgeous" and Barack Obama a "lean, young-looking guy."

Rafa Likes Sleeveless Shirts and Capris, Too

File this in the "Who Knew?" category.

Apparently tennis stud Rafael Nadal is a big fan of Broadway, and not just any Bway: "The Phantom of the Opera." The New York Post reports that Nadal has seen the vom-inducing cheesefest seven times around the world, and went to see it last week at the Majestic Theater in NYC.

He even visited the female lead of the show Marni Raab after the show and "could not stop talking about how beautiful Marni was."