She's Not Just Like US

9/6/2008 12:28 PM PDT

She's Not Just Like US

So this is interesting. US Weekly is losing subscribers because of its Sarah Palin cover story: "Babies, Lies and Scandals."

There were reports that as many as 10,000 subscribers bailed, but US told Page Six the number was closer to 1,000. Apparently the mag -- and to be fair just about everyone else in the media -- misjudged Palin's impact once she opened her mouth.

We put some polls up yesterday. With 200,000 votes, 51% called Palin the biggest star of the convention. Obama came in second with 45%. McCain got 3% and Biden 1%.

We also asked who you'd most like to have a beer with -- 43% Palin, 28% Obama, 16% McCain and 13% Biden.

US Weekly next week -- "Biden: Old Men, Lies and Scandals."