Miley -- Montana Not Big Enough for Me and Em

9/23/2008 6:59 AM PDT

Miley -- Montana Not Big Enough for Me and Em

TMZ broke the big story yesterday about how Miley Cyrus wants off "Hannah Montana" -- and today's there's more juice on why the show's set is so icy.

Some traditional media have bought hook, line, and sinker Miley's story about all being sweetness and sunshine on the "Hannah" set. But the Chicago Sun-Times confirms what we said about her being "habitually late," and that's not all.

"t's become increasingly clear Miley has become jealous of [co-star] Emily [Osment's] rising profile and popularity," a source tells the paper. "Icicles form" on set when Miley and Emily have to talk, says the source. And daddy Billy Ray has been "severely dissing" Disney folks on set.

Perry "In Disbelief" About Crash

One rock star who was originally feared to have been on that South Carolina plane crash says he can't believe the tragedy.

"I was in disbelief to learn what happened to all of them," Perry Farrell, former frontman for Jane's Addiction, tells Farrell had played at the same gig in Columbia, SC as Travis Barker and DJ AM. It wasn't until the next morning that Farrell and Gavin DeGraw were revealed to be safe.

Perry says Barker and AM -- along with Travis' assistant and bodyguard, who were both killed -- had left the concert by the time he was done.

SamRo Won't Sit and Spin for Lesbian Club

A famed lesbian joint in New York wants Sam Ronson to DJ to help save its ass -- but Sam won't do it, despite her ... uh ... relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Rubyfruit tells the New York Post it wanted Sam to spin at a benefit to help save it after 15 years. They were told it would cost $8K for the night plus travel expenses. But then they were told Sam "doesn't do gay and lesbian" clubs. "It's really like betraying her sisters," says a DJ for the club.

Sam's guy (her rep) says the story's "not true."