Madge Slams Palin in "Sticky" Gig

10/7/2008 8:02 AM PDT

Madge Slams Palin in "Sticky" Gig

The Material Mom has a message for the Hockey Mom -- you bettah stay away!

In her first show in the US on her new tour, Madonna lashed out at the GOP veep wannabe, yelling, says the NY Post, "Sarah Palin can't come to my party. Sarah Palin can't come to my show." And she didn't stop with Sarah; she also took on the First Dude. "Here's the sound of Sarah Palin's husband's snowmobile when it won't start," she squawked, followed by a "loud screeching noise."

"It's nothing personal," Madge disclaimed.

Duchovny's Out There, Again

David Duchovny's stint in sex-addict rehab has come and gone.

After two months doing whatever it is people do to get over wanting sex all the time, DD is "out of rehab," says his lawyer, Larry Stein. "He successfully completed his treatment." Duchovny had gone into rehab in August.

The "Californication" star has also begun shooting a new movie, says Stein, and the new season of his Showtime show has begun.

Gyllenspoon -– London Calling

Don't believe what the tabs are crowing -– Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are very much together.

So much so, reports the Chicago Sun-Times, they're looking at real estate in London, scouting "posh apartments and town houses" in Mayfair. They're looking at pap-protected places where entrance and egress are restricted onto main streets.

A real estate firm source adds the pair look "very very much in love."

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