Does Victoria Have an Itchy, Red Secret?

11/11/2008 3:25 PM PST

Does Victoria Have an Itchy, Red Secret?

Giving new meaning to "burning bras," some of Victoria's Secret's signature products are allegedly giving women hot, red, itchy welts, and it might be because of the stuff they embalm bodies with.

A class action lawsuit is in the works from "dozens" of women who say Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras are giving them rashes, hives and permanent scarring. Some bras, according to an ABC News report, are coming up positive for formaldehyde.

One woman, Roberta Ritter, already sued the company back in May.

VS issued the following statement: "Millions of women love Victoria's Secret bras. We have strict quality controls around our products, and we do not use formaldehyde in our bras. Customer safety and satisfaction are always our primary concerns, and we take very seriously any issues our customers may have with our products."