Martha Stewart Sued Over Lounge Act

11/18/2008 1:11 PM PST

Martha Stewart Sued Over Lounge Act

This lawsuit is either the gold standard for bad luck or one of the biggest scams ever.

A guy claims a Martha Stewart lounge chair collapsed on him after the front legs collapsed, crushing his right index finger. The tip of his finger allegedly fell beneath a deck and was eventually retrieved by a family member.

Up to this point it sounds like your basic personal injury case with standard damages. But this plaintiff is special, claiming he's a magician who needs use of his hands -- every part of them. He also claims the injury has affected his ability to play the banjo, which is a big part of his act.

But wait, there's more. He also claims he's a hand model, and who wants to look at a butchered finger?

Oh, did we mention he lives in Iowa, a bastion for hand models we're sure.