Peru to Yale: Eff You Very Machu

12/8/2008 6:20 PM PST

Peru to Yale: Eff You Very Machu

When celebs sue or get sued, it can get interesting. When an entire country (Peru) sues an Ivy League university (Yale), it's truly awesome.

In this case, Peru wants Yale to hand over a trove of Incan treasures it claims were looted by one Hiram Bingham (Yale prof and archaeologist) when he basically plundered Machu Picchu and Cusco from 1911 to 1916. The entire country of Peru is now suing -- and we're not kidding -- as the lawsuit, filed in Washington D.C., lists "The Republic of Peru" as the plaintiff. Peru is accusing Yale of being in cahoots with the National Geographic Society and Bingham.

Unclear if Peru will go all OJ on Yale and force the return of the artifacts at gunpoint. Yale hasn't commented.

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