DC Dog Crap -- Made from the Finest Ingredients

1/13/2009 6:30 AM PST

DC Dog Crap -- Made from the Finest Ingredients

With people blowing cash left and right for the Obama inauguration, TMZ has learned even the dog poop on the DC streets will be some of the most expensive pieces of crap in the country.

We're told the Loews Madison hotel in DC is offering its canine guests a special meal on Inauguration Day -- and we're not talkin' about kibbles and bits. (The offer will go for the first 100 days of Obama -- and you can get the pooch package at all Loews hotels.)

People actually are paying good money to feed their spoiled rotten doggies pasta shaped like stars, sundried tomato fettucini, dried blue corn, and ground turkey -- prepared with olive oil of course.

The entire meal probably costs more than the paycheck of the guy who will clean up their mess.