Miss California Runner-Up: Get Out the Way!

5/6/2009 4:07 PM PDT

Miss California Runner-Up: Get Out the Way!

The body isn't even cold yet and the chick who lost the Miss California crown to Carrie Prejean is already tryin' on tiaras.

Tami Farrell shot an email to a pageant official and we got a copy. It says, "I would never want to steal someone's spotlight." Translation -- Yes, she would.

Farrell continues, like a lawyer: "Her [Carrie] beliefs are not what is in question, but her contractual obligations to the Miss California USA program." Translation -- she lied about semi-nude pics.

Farrell ends with this parting shot: "I...can only hope to refocus all of the attention from the current controversy onto some of the more positive aspects of the program..." Translation -- I'm clean, I'm lean, and I love the gays.