Vinnie Jones Takes the Stand

5/15/2009 10:34 AM PDT

Vinnie Jones Takes the Stand

Vinnie Jones is testifying in a Sioux Falls, SD courtroom right now, after last year's barroom brawl that left him with a bloody, glass-filled face -- and three simple assault charges.

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UPDATE 7:47 AM PST: Closing arguments have begun, the prosecution has asked the jury not to focus on the fight by the pool table -- when Vinnie got smashed with the beer mug -- and only to concentrate on the second fight with Barrera.

UPDATE 7:47 AM PST: The defense rests.

UPDATE 7:41 AM PST: Vinnie says after the brawl his "nose was hanging off, you could have put a quarter in it."

UPDATE 7:38 AM PST: He just said he was "driven by fear" when he hit Barrera -- the alleged victim -- after Vinnie says he was cussed out by Barrera's friends for asking to join in on a pool game.

UPDATE 7:36 AM PST: Jones said he had 1 or 2 beers before going to Wiley's, the bar where the fight took place.

UPDATE 7:10 AM PST: Vinnie just explained why he was in South Dakota, saying he was there for a pheasant hunting trip.