John Mayer Hates Puppies...

8/27/2009 3:00 PM PDT

John Mayer Hates Puppies... what we're going to say if this whole "challenge" he made to TMZ turns out to be complete BS.

Here's the story -- John Mayer posted a challenge on his Twitter page, offering to give $25,000 to the charity of TMZ's choice (an animal charity) if we could produce his mug shot.

We've searched all over the place, and we can't find squat. We've even followed up on a lead that the shot was hidden somewhere in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. Still, nothing.

So, we turn to you -- the public. If you've ever seen a John Mayer mug shot anywhere in your life -- tell us where the damn thing is.

A puppy's life depends on it...