Ryan Jenkins' Dad -- My Son Is Innocent

8/31/2009 4:55 AM PDT

Ryan Jenkins' Dad -- My Son Is Innocent

There's now officially one person on the Ryan Jenkins is innocent bandwagon ... his father Dan.

Dan Jenkins sent a letter to the Calgary Herald this weekend, explaining what he believes to be true about the final days of his son's life.

In the letter, Dan says Ryan told him he and Jasmine had returned to L.A. from San Diego "early Friday evening" (August 14) and that she had "run an errand and had not come back."

Interestingly enough, cops believe Jasmine was killed sometime Friday morning between the hours of 2:30 AM and 4:30 AM -- and that Ryan had dumped her body in Buena Park before ditching her car in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon.

Check out Dan's statement here, in which he also claims he was the one who broke the news of Jasmine's murder to Ryan:

"monday, august 17th, i was on a holiday when ryan called to tell me he was driving home to canada. he sadly recounted that jasmine had left him again.

he said they had returned from san diego early friday evening, she had gone out saying she needed to run an errand and had not come back. By late saturday afternoon he went to the laPd and reported her missing .... sunday his mom called. ryan told her that jasmine had disappeared again and he was feeling miserable. his mom suggested to him, as any mother would, to pack up and come home to canada. ryan finally said oK, packed his things in l. a., drove to their las vegas apartment, picked up his belongings and his boat and drove northward to canada. he said he had reported jasmine missing since she would usually call her mom or girlfriends when she disappeared and this time no one had heard from her--he was genuinely concerned and worried about her.

i was concerned and asked what the police department thought about him travelling north. he said that he had been in contact with them and given them his phone number and his licence plate and location. i told him to make sure that he stayed in contact with them and we both hoped she would show up in the next few days.

on wednesday morning, i heard the awful news that jasmine had been found murdered. i started trying to reach ryan. i got a call from ryan that afternoon from Birch Bay. i told him that i had heard that jasmine had been found murdered. he was in shock and broke down crying. i assume he panicked and thinking he might be a suspect, he jumped in his boat and drove to Point roberts so he could reach vancouver where much of his family lived. i caught a plane to vancouver the next morning and was detained at the airport -- the authorities said they wanted to find ryan for illegal entry into canada. while i was in line at customs he called me but i was told to hang up the phone--cell phones were not allowed. tragically, that was the last time i heard my son's voice.

it is my recollection that ryan talked briefly with his vancouver lawyer on thursday morning and agreed to call him later on thursday and that he would surrender to the police. with all the media attention, he was probably afraid and never did return his call.

if ryan had done such a thing, would he have filed a missing person's report?

would he have listened to his mom and driven home to canada?

if he was guilty of this crime, would he have casually driven to las vegas to collect his things, pull his boat out of the water and driven slowly north?

would he have talked with his lawyer in vancouver?

i totally believe that my son was innocent of this crime and believe that the last three days of his life were spent alone in a hotel room watching the media report that he was the brutal killer of his own wife. on television it was as if he had been tried and convicted. i think in his loneliness and despair he simply gave up."